Prof Luvuyo Ntombana
Director of School

Prof Luvuyo Ntombana completed his Masters from the university of Fort Hare and his PhD from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. He started his career at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University as a junior lecturer while reading for his PhD in Anthropology. His research interests include; youth subcultures, masculinities, African spirituality and IKS.

Research Outputs.

Mokotso, I and Ntombana, L. 2018. Religious Pluralism for Inclusive Education in Lesotho Senior Secondary Schools: Religio-Educational Approach. In Mmuntlanyane Mogopa African Perspectives, Book Series Special Edition. The Incwadi Press: Cape Town 

Chapters in books

Ntombana, Mndende, Mkuzo. 2018. Decolonizing Religious Education in Institutions of Learning: A backer for the African “Traditional” Religion. In Mekoa, I. The Battle for the Soul of South African Universities: Institutional Cultures, Racism and Ideologies. The Incwadi Press: Cape Town

Published peer reviewed articles

Ntombana, L. 2009.  Xhosa male initiation and teaching of life values: An exploration of the role of traditional guardians in teaching the initiates. INDILINGA, African Journal of Indigenous Knowledge Systems. Vol 8(1). 73-84.

Ntombana, L. 2011. Should the Xhosa Initiation Practice be abolished? International Journal of Cultural Studies. Vol 14 (6). 631-640.


Ntombana, L 2011.The rewards and shortcomings of auto ethnographic studies. Indilinga: Journal of Indigenous Knowledge Systems. Vol 10 (2). 257-269.